Sammed shikharji guidelines

1 – Make advance booking online/offline
2 – Bring a torch.
3 – Bring a sriphal(coconut)
4 – Do not purchase anything from mountain.
5 – Do not take any bike help on mountain.
6 – Do not donate anything for any beggar.
7 – Perchase stick ,shocks before go to mountain.
8 – During winter time, it is cold at the start of the climb. However, as you trek up the mountain, body will get warmer and possibly sweaty. Therefore, dress in layers, such that outer layers be taken off as body gets warmer. Avoid cotton base layer as it absorbs the body sweat and does not evaporate in cold weather. It is better to wear synthetic or woollen base layer that can wick the sweat from the body.
9 – Keep your expensive belongingings in safe possession.
10 – After come from mountain put your feet in bucket which must have white salt with hot water so that it will help to reduce tiredness.


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